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Aspen Mesa Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

Meeting is being held at the Eagle County Community Center

In attendance Frank Chudy, Jay Leavitt, Susan Zimmer, Ann MacLeod, Barbara Brett, Nancy Miller, Scott Leslie

Amendment to the Annual meeting 6:16 pm: Proxy Vote

The purpose of this meeting was to officially count the proxy votes for the annual meeting February 29, 2102
There are 15 proxy's assigned to the Board of Directors.
There are 4 proxy's assigned to board member Jay Leavitt.
There is 1 proxy to board member Frank Chudy. There is 1 proxy to board member Barbara Brett.
The board of directors who received proxy's agreed to vote as a block on issues affecting the annual meeting.

The total number of votes as a block for the board of directors is 21.
1 proxy is assigned to Tom Lankering who did not attend the meeting.
1 proxy is assigned to Scott Leslie.
Jay Leavitt moved and it was seconded by Susan Zimmer to accept this proxy report for the annual meeting of February 29, 2012. Frank called for a vote and the vote was unanimous.
Meeting adjourned 6:35 pm

Annual Meeting called to order 7:00 pm

SWPP -- Source Water Protection Plan We applied for a grant and the steering committee has done the ground work to receive grant money for outlining potential hazards to our water supply. Presenting this to the members tonight allows us to receive grant money just for presenting information to the public.
Our well is tied to the Spring Park reservoir. We identified potential threats to that water supply. Our committee felt like septic systems, chemical spills, pesticides, storm run off and fire are all potential threats to our water system.
We are now in the protection plan phase of our plan. Eagle County says septic systems should be pumped every 2-3 years.
Household cleaners should not be poured down the drain.
Prescription drugs should not be flushed down the toilet.
We have a weather station installed at one of our water pump stations measuring current rain fall data and estimating future reservoir levels based on the rain/snow fall data of this year, compared to previous years.
We have given our emergency response plan, 55 pages to Eagle County Sheriff, Basalt Fire. And other local agencies that respond to emergencies.

Water System Leaks
We have repaired 2 major leaks this past year and one broken fire hydrant.
We will read the meters again prior to April 1 and measure what was was produced and what was billed. Our meter system allows us to be able to see what a homeowner has used by day by hour and the meters are in your house and you can read them your self if you care to monitor it on your end.

Back Flow Prevention
The board of directors has hired Mike Josephson to contact each homeowner and come in and inspect the back flow device.
He can repair a device but he cannot install a new device.
The back flow device once installed and once approved must be re-checked every year. If you have received your survey and not filled in back in please send it back as soon as you can.

We have a website: www.aspenmesaestates.com All the rules and regulations for back flow/cross connections are on the website. The minutes will be posted on the website and this is where you will reference them instead of them being e-mailed to each homeowner. Homeowners should make sure that the Board has their e-mail address and phone number. Reminder that homeowners are eligible for MRI trash service at $25 per month/ $75 per quarter.

Water shut-off Procedures
a.) Outlined in the 2nd amendment to the covenants.

Financial Report
checking account $51,240.
money fund $65,000.
receivables $5,400.00
Expenses $22,700.00. 11,000 of that is water system repairs and maintenance.
Capital expenditure forecast: $100,000 is expected to be spent over the next 5 years

New BusinessNew Business
Block party Discussion and interest has been expressed again for a block party. Also the dumpster and the Basalt Thrift Store truck was asked for again. Nancy will see about getting a dumpster for paint and other materials that cannot be put into the garbage. She will also check on prescription pill disposal.

Election of board members
a.) Susan Zimmer and Ann MacLeod have been retained.
b.) Marilyn Cook has been nominated to the board.

Winner of the dues Leslie Remiel.

Meeting adjourn at 8:15 pm.