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Aspen Mesa Homeowners Association Meeting
July 17, 2012

Meeting called to order @ 7:13

In attendance: Frank Chudy, Susan Zimmer, Ann MacLeod, Nancy Miller, Jay Leavitt, Marilyn Cook, Scott Leslie, Barbara Brett.

Financial Report:

We have $15,547.94 in receivables' and $103.774.01 in the bank.

Water Meter readings:

The meter readers have between the 1st and the 5th of the month to do the reading.

If you have a home built before 1979 then you should be aware that you could have a water pipe that is galvanized steel and electrolysis caused by dissimilar metals in the water system can cause corrosion which will ultimately result in a leak . All homeowners with these older homes should be aware of any standing water.

Water use/restriction recommendation:
Our wells are in good shape but we have noticed that our water level is going down as they do every year at this time, but this year being a drought year they are going to decrease at a faster rate. We are fine this year but going into the next year we would want to make sure that our wells have a chance to recharge. The board has approved an HONOR request of the homeowners to water every other day. And turn off your water system during days of heavy rain.

Web Site :
We want our website to be the center of our information. Please refer to our website when you receive an e-mail that notices or meeting notes have been posted.

Water Meter readings:
The meter reade

Backflow Progress: Michael Josephson with an update.
* 26 homes have been inspected and passed.
* 21 no device at all.
* 19 have a device but by Colorado law not the correct device.
* 32 no response at all.

The homeowners that do not have a device have until September 1st to have a backflow device installed and be TESTED to avoid facing the process of the water being shut-off. See website for By-Laws additional information on Cross Connection Control as to the legal requirements by the State of Colorado for Backflow devices and private water systems.
The Board recognizes the excellent job Michael Josephson has done to get this back flow program to progress, and we want to thank him for his diligence in following up with our homeowners.

At this time Jay Leavitt excused himself from the meeting and left the premises, due to a conflict of interest as he sits on the Eagle County Planning Commission board. He did not return at any time for the duration of the meeting. In attendance for the Dragon Fly Discussion: Frank Chudy, Susan Zimmer, Ann MacLeod, Nancy Miller, Marilyn Cook, Barbara Brett.

Dragonfly Ranch:
Meeting is at Eagle County Building August 2, at 2:30, if you are concerned about this commercial facility affecting you please attend.

a) We suggest everyone in the subdivision send out individual letters of opposition to this land use and zoning proposal to:
Eagle County Planning Commission and Eagle County Commissioners
Town of Eagle
PO Box 609
Eagle CO 81631

b.) Recently a resident of Missouri Heights inquired with Eagle County about the Dragon Fly proposal and whether there would be a hearing? If so, when? And what is the appropriate process for homeowners in the area to present comments and/or concerns. Here is the reply:
The next scheduled hearing for the proposal is August 2nd at 2:30 in the county building in El Jebel. As part of that hearing the planning Commission will be going on a site visit which is open to the public. I assume we will be back in the hearing room by 4:00pm. If you would like to comment on the file you can either send me a letter or email with your comments or plan to speak during the public comment period at the hearing.

c.) Aspen Mesa Estates has retained Tim Whitsitt as counsel for the Dragonfly project hearing to protect our interests as an HOA entity as opposed to individuals.

Next meeting will be August 27.
Meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm.

Minutes submitted by BJ Brett.