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Aspen Mesa Homeowners Association Meeting
February 18, 2013

Meeting called to order @ 7:05 at the home of Barbara Brett

In attendance Frank Chudy, Ann Macleod, Marilyn Cooke, Jay Leavitt, Barbara Brett, Nancy Miller, Scott Leslie, Susan Zimmer

Thank you to PJ/Back Door Catering for serving dinner.

Financial Report:

We have $123,184 in the bank. We have $8,756 in receivables. All bills are paid.

We had a water main break in the main on Escalante. This was repaired on 12/31/12.

Past Due Invoices:

We have had so many people that are continually past due with their accounts. They seem to be habitual offenders and regularly we are forced to send them certified letters advising payment must be made or your water will be shut off. It is only after these letters are sent that these homeowners pay. This is a very time consuming and expensive project for the board and a motion was put forward and passed: If people are in the 90 days late on any water, trash or dues then you automatically incur a $50.00 fine.

Water Expenses:

In the past years we have made great strides in improving and protecting our water system. We have the new meters and we have the back flow device inspection as part of our regular maintenance. In order to cover the additional expenses these items cost the association, Frank has made a motion to increase our quarterly water dues $17.50 per quarter. Nancy Miller and Jay Leavitt have approved the motion. This will cover the additional expenses to maintain the quality water system. A few weeks ago we had no water on the upper loop. A blown VFD (variable frequency device) on boosted pump #1 was discovered. The cost is $5,700, and we are in the process of receiving this device and having it installed.

Back Flow Progress:
Currently we have 5 people with no device. 1 homeowner that has a device and not tested. 26 people on the list for upgrade of low hazard to high hazard device.

The BOCC heard the case and continued the case until 3/26. They have 7 items they are going to review.

Meeting adjourned 9.35 pm.

Aspen Mesa Homeowners Annual Meeting
February 25, 2013

Meeting called to order @ 7:03 at the Eagle County Building.

In attendance Scott Leslie, Susan Zimmer, Jay Leavitt, Ann MacLeod, Marilyn Cooke, Barbara Brett, Nancy Miller, Frank Chudy.

Current Issues:

a.) Complete e-mail address list is needed. If you are not getting our constant contact emails please leave your email at the door.
b.) Backflow prevention – On going issue with yearly inspections.
Lynn Byars may have installed a device in your home and it may not be the correct device. There are differences in devices; low hazard vs. high hazard device. Lynn Byars may have installed a low hazard device and he may not have installed it in the correct location The AMHOA Board requires a high hazard device be installed at the service where it enters the house.

Mike Josephson update with the progress of the current back flow inspections – 67 homeowners current and compliant. 5 people with no device.
23 people with low hazard devices that need high devices. As for reimbursement – if you had Rodney’s plumbing install a device then you are eligible for a credit to upgrade to a high hazard device.
This process of being inspected is a yearly occurrence. Your backflow device will need to be reinspected every year.
Scott Leslie describes how dangerous not having back flow preventers on individuals homes can be. Someone could pump harmful substances into our community water system from a house service line.
We are really just trying to protect our water source. Mike Josephson has done a great job and is acknowledged for that.
Scott Leslie shows a book that has the location for every home shut off valve. If anyone needs to know where there main water shut off valve is then let Scott know.

Source Water Protection Plan:
This plan is a state program and its goal is to protect the water and the quality of the water. The board identified specific potential danger or threats to our water system. Fire, septic systems and weed killers are items that we identified as a threat to the quality of our water. Our plan is done. We are one of the first in the area to be certified. We have been awarded a $5,000 grant to complete the source water plan and help where we need it to keep our water system safe.
1. No harmful spraying around our water sources.
2. Met with emergency services to let them know where our water sources are and what to do/who to call in case of emergency.
3. Our wells are 430 feet deep. Water flows toward Sopris and the River. If a fire happens up on Basalt Mountain the emergency people will let us know.

Septic Systems:
With our Source Water grant $ we are buying a sludge judge. This will enable any homeowner to borrow it to check their septic tank to see f it needs to be pumped out. Simply clean and return after use.
Water main break on Dec 31. Scott spent the day repairing the break. We have spent a significant amount of money on our system; Scott is very pleased with our system and the upgrades we have made over the past few years.
Yayoi asked how often we add chlorine to the water? Scott answers - We have 3 wells and once a pump turns on a chlorinator turns on and adds the amount needed to get just a trace of chlorine in the system.


We have natural fluorine in our water 2/10ths parts per million. We do not add fluoride to our water.
We do have a shared agreement with Red table acres in case of emergency. Our water lines are connected with Red Table Acres with normally closed valves. Red Table Acres needs to do further improvements to their system in order to share water. In case there is any need for shared water they need a pressure reducing valve to keep the lower houses from experiencing high pressure.

Jay is recognizing how lucky we are to have Scott Leslie in our subdivision and Jay is asking for anyone that wants to learn more about our water system to contact Scott. Scott acknowledges that Mike Josephson lives in our subdivision, is doing all the back flow inspections and is learning a lot about the system.

Water Dues Increase:
Because of increased water costs we are raising the water cost to $57.50 every 3 months. These costs are caused by our reading of the meters and the yearly inspection of the backflow preventers.
So we will retain Mike Josephson to inspect every homeowners device every year $60.00 per device is an expense that is now covered by the HOA.

Paying of Bills:

We have constant offenders that only pay their bills when they receive a water shut off notice. We are amending the by-laws to read after 90 days if you do not pay your bill you will be charged an additional $50.00.
We are charging finance charges so if you are late and you see those charges pay them, they will only continue to accumulate.
Discussion of reducing the amount of water used each quarter. And then increasing the amount charged for using additional water.
Yayoi is going to do a yearly analysis on the usage of all 100 homeowners and come up with an average usage.
Question asked about generators in case of a wild fire. We do not have a generator so if there was a fire and we did lose power that could potentially be a problem for the upper loop on Escalante. If the power outage was for several days, and the well pumps could not run to refill the tank, then we would all run out of water eventually. We have $126,000 in the bank. We have receivables of $3843.53. We have one outstanding bill coming up for water repairs $10,000.

We have $126,000 in the bank. We have receivables of $3843.53. We have one outstanding bill coming up for water repairs $10,000.
Financials are available for anyone to look at any time. You can contact Ann MacLeod @ amacleod333@gmail.com or 963-0829 to see these anytime.

The current board has taken a position to not support the Dragon fly application.
We hired attorney Tim Whitsitt. We were billed and paid $7,000. That was for the first round of applications.
He will be present at the next meeting with the county commissioners March 26. Ken Ransford, homeowner and member of Roaring Fork Planning commission has been asked to give an update– The Dragon Fly application is for food to table, grow the food and serve to an 8 room bed and breakfast with 36 events a year with 100-120 people per event.
The Roaring Fork planning commission turned this down last fall; they thought it was not appropriate for the area. But the Kim’s have resubmitted the application to the ECBOCC
The Kim’s are moving forward with this application again. The Board of County Commissioners’ met mid Feb and they tabled their decision until March 26 at 4. They have 7 issues they wanted further information on. We have incurred an additional $5,000 so far with the attorney.

New Business:
Talk of the next block party is. We usually have the block party every other year and it is usually in the fall. We will do the dumpster again. No electronics are allowed in the dumpster

Elections of Board Members:
Jay Leavitt and Frank Chudy have retired. Barbara Brett would like to remain on the board. Ron Wolf and Pat Henry have expressed an interest in joining the board. Harvey Branscomb moved to nominate the 2 for the board and the motion was unanimously approved. Winner of the raffle is Greg Smith.

The next board meeting is at Nancy Miller’s home 7 pm on April 8, 2013

The meeting is adjourned at 8:45.