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Aspen Mesa Estates Annual Homeowner Meeting:
February 22, 2016
Meeting called to order at 6:55 pm

In attendance: Barbara Brett, Marilynn Cook, Susan Zimmer, Pat Henry, Nancy Miller, Scott Leslie, Mark Walker

Introduction of LuAnn Craig our new HOA book keeper

Financial Report: As of end of fiscal year Sept 31, 2015 we had $55,958.23.

Annual Dues: If you have not yet paid your dues, your 1st half was due by Jan. 31 and your 2nd half is due by June 30.

Back Flow: All homes were tested in 2015. Thank you for your cooperation.

We are getting ready to start this process again so if you can please reply to Jim and our phone calls to schedule appointments early and get this process finished in a 2-3-month timeline that would be great. For those that schedule and do not keep appointments, this could result in a fee equivalent to the test itself.

The low rate we have with Jim is for testing all the homes in the spring. If we drag the process out the cost could increase.

Water Issues: A pressure reducing valve will be replaced on lower Vaquero hopefully next week.

Chlorine state levels have been increased because the state wants to see a certain amount of chlorine in the water system all the way to the end of the water line. To meet this standard, we have had to increase the amount of chlorine in our water.

We have two empty concrete water tanks on the hill by the metal water tanks that leak. One of our goals is to get those repaired so that we can use them when needed. We do not have the capital at this time in our reserves to do this, but when we do, we will look into the repair.

Dues Increase: Annual association dues were increased to $500.00 per year. Our capital reserves should be at $150,000-$200,000. We had one major water line repair late fall of 2014 on Sierra Vista that cost over $80,000. That took our reserves down from $140,000 to $56,000. This reserve amount is not enough to cover another major water repair.

We looked at many ways to increase our capital and finally decided that we had to raise our dues. We did this to protect ourselves; no one wants to have a special assessment.

Annual Dinner: Nancy explained that the cost of the block party and dumpsters was around $3,000-$4,000. Last summer when the board was trying to find ways to raise our capital, we decided not to spend the money on dumpsters/block party. She also mentioned that if there was an interest in having a block party, it could be a potluck.

Question was asked as to whether or not the catered dinner at the annual meeting is something the homeowners in attendance wanted? The hands raised to continue the dinner outweighed those that did not. We will continue to cater the annual meeting.

One homeowner expressed an interest in inquiring with other homeowners to see if they would like to get on a neighborhood email list to have a place to go to with lost dogs, neighborhood watch or other misc. items. There was an interest and some members are working on how that will work. More to follow.

Board Elections: We have 2 board members that are up for re-election.

Pat and Barbara are willing to remain on the board. Question was asked to the member's - Does anyone want to be on the board or run against Pat and Barbara? No one opted to run. Pat and Barbara are re-elected to serve another 3-year term.

Reminders for Homeowners

Late Payments: If you are 90 days late we will notify you via certified mail that we have the intent to shut off your water. You have 10 days to make contact with us and make your payment. If no contact and no payment has been received after that 10 days, we will be shutting off your water.

Noisy Dogs: Please be reminded windows are starting to open up and your neighbors do not want to hear your barking dog, at any hour of the day or night. The board has been approached numerous times on how someone can deal with a neighbor that has a barking dog. First we suggest you contact your neighbor and try to work it out. If that does not work, you can call Eagle County and file a complaint. If that still is not working, then come to the board and we will try and help.

Loose Dogs: Not just off a leash but dogs out on a walk about. Please do not let your dog roam the neighborhood.

Dog Poop: Please pick up after your dog. Our roads are covered with poop. No one wants your dog's poop on their property.

Homeowners are concerned with the speeds people are driving. Please remember we have lots of people and animals on our roads. Please slow down.

Homeowners are not allowed to have open fires.

A member asked if we could recap some of the reminders for homeowners in a constant contact email. The board thinks that will not be a problem to do.

The Rubens are the winners of the free annual dues.

Meeting adjourned at 7:32.


Aspen Mesa Estates Board Meeting
February 22, 2016
Meeting called to order 5:40

In attendance: Pat Henry, Susan Zimmer, Marilynn Cook, Barbara Brett, Mark Walker, Scott Leslie, Nancy Miller, Lu Ann Craig

Financial Report:
We have $93,947.42 in the bank. We have receivables of $22,035.

The 2nd reading to amend Paragraph 3 of the Reorganization and Amendment of Deed Restrictions for AME to delete the following 2 sentences was reviewed:

1. (provided, however, that no such variance or consent shall be required to keep the same number of horses on any lot as was there on September 19, 1984.")

2. (Any lot owner keeping horses on his lot on September 19, 1984 shall be required to comply with the written criteria and regulations of the Architectural Control Committee governing the location of any stable and fencing, the construction plans for any stable and fencing, methods of confining such horses on the lot, and maintenance of all areas of containing such horses in a safe and sanitary condition)

Pat made the motion to approve, Nancy 2nd and all members were in favor. We will record this amendment with Eagle County and update or by laws.

Water Pump: Our broken water pump was able to be repaired and has been returned to us.
The cost was $3700 versus a new one at between $6-7,000

Next meeting on April 11 at 7 pm at Mark Walkers home.

Meeting adjourned 6:03